See Beyond Ordinary

Aerial Advertising

Weather broadcasting your brand, product line, logo, or an announcement, we have the creative aerial platform for you to do it!  Drone Advertising is an exciting innovative service for any occasion.  Great Lakes Drone Company can take your message to an unprecedented level of exposure and visibility.

We can design custom aerial banners and fly them as high as 400 feet! We have the option for day or night aerial advertising with a variety of banner set up's and a super bright LED Display Board. 

Our banners are available in a range of standard banner sizes like 1′ x 3′ or 2′ x 6′ or custom banner sizes as per your requirements. We use several different drones for our banner advertising depending upon payload and customer requests. Let your imagination run wild and share your idea, we just might have a solution!

Our LED Display Board System, taking Your Message to New Heights!


The LED Display Board system is fully programmable and dual sided for maximum visibility. It supports picture, text and video programming within the limits of its 2700 pixel display system. This board is 68 inches long and 26 inches in height. Just imagine how you can advertise your business at the next event!

Standard Advertising Banners

Standard bannersStandard banner advertising, mounted vertically or horizontally are available. Night flights are possible for added LED Illumination fee.

3 Dimensional Advertising

3d bannersThree Dimensional aerial advertising is available based on custom requests. Night flight illuminated 3 dimensional ads are also available.

Special Promotions

Special promotionsFrom Halloween Ghosts, to special product ideas, to Holiday and Event Promotions, you have an idea, we have a solution. Day or night we can help get your message out to your audience in a unique way!