See Beyond Ordinary

Aerial Spraying

Precision Swarm Agriculture Spraying

In Partnership with Skyx, an agricultural-robotics technology company enabling a modular fleet of autonomous drones for spraying.

The innovative solution enables variable-rate application at spots or uniform coverage of entire farmland.

We serve growers and applicators that require new standards for their cost, accuracy, availability, and safety.

Actionable Solution

A complete, sustainable, and ready-to-go, agricultural spraying solution

• Dramatic chemicals reduction (scouting/zoning to spot spraying) 

• Dramatic operational costs reduction 

• High-availability and precise application

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Innovative Technology

Patent-pending, proprietary algorithms, and system integration enable pre-flight optimized planning, automated piloting, and post-flight data analysis.

Autonomous decision of Spraying Robot A may lead to an autonomous decision of Spraying Robot B. Each robot is configurable for precise performance and accuracy.

The ability to optimize the entire mission’s profitability based on a compilation of information about the terrain, crops, pesticides, imagery, and equipment.

The ability to travel and cover an unlimited number of areas in any shape or size. Each hotspot is sprayed with the exact amount of chemicals you designate (variable rate app).

The ability to constantly communicate, compute, monitor, correct, and manage the entire spraying operation. All systems are fully autonomous.

The ability to precisely spray your entire farmland. The robots are specifically engineered to create a path that bypasses trees and electrical wires.

The ability to complete the autonomous spraying mission while detecting and bypassing unexpected obstacles. Ability to spray in close proximity to obstacles.

GLDC Part 137 Approval Docket FAA-2020-01065 Pending