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Animal Aerial Drone Search Volunteering

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As Great Lakes Drone Company does offer animal aerial search services at a cost, we do this out of our love for animals and their ties to a complete family. Our hourly cost is our bare minimum to maintain adequate insurance coverage, pilot licensing and air-frame maintenance. We have found over time our minimal staffing and sometimes the requesting clients abilities (elderly clients, out of town requests, disabilities, etc) limit their participation in assisting us with our ability to locate their missing loved one in a timely manner. Because of these situations and the ability to provide our services at cost for these unique situations, we are developing our Animal Search Volunteer Program (ASV Program). This program will allow us to reach out to people who are interested in helping out other animal lovers looking for their lost pet/livestock. Summary version of this ASV Program is a 2 hour training event and then you will be placed on our call list. In the event we get a request for this type of service, we will send out a message to all ASV Program Volunteers (24/7) so yes it may be at 3am, in which the first 5 to respond back will be given a meet up location for further instructions to assist.

Assisting primarily involves checking out possible locations we find through our aerial search, establishing communications with property owners to gain access if the animal is found on their property, and being loving and supportive to the family and animals involved. This is something new we are trying to better serve the communities in which we all live in. If your interested in more information and becoming involved, please fill out the below form.  Must be at least 18 to volunteer, exceptions made with direct contact with requesting parent for ages 16-18.

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