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Fraud Alert

Watch Out – Fraudulent Drone Light Show Company

In an effort to protect our potential clients from fraudulent activity we must issue this warning in regards to potential fraud from a company who is using our images and marketing material along with other drone industry images. The Drone Light Show Company, Wildly Creative Marketing and That Drone Show operated by David Oneal has been engaged in booking drone light shows since 2017. He does not have access to our technology or any relationship to our services. The videos and images on these websites are stolen from several legitimate drone show performers throughout the world. Buyer beware!

The Drone Light Show Company, Wildly Creative Marketing, That Drone Show and David Oneal is in no way affiliated with our services, our company, or our performances. If you have been engaged with him regarding a potential drone light show in which was not delivered, please contact us.

Aliases he has been known to go by: David Oneal, David Collier, David Shanahan, Dave Oneal, Dave Collier, Dave Shanahan, Daniel Lopez, Alan Anderson or an associate as Travis Taylor. He also uses John as a middle name associated with some or all of these names as well as Travis. Also be leery if you are paying a watch company for a drone light show!

Please contact your local law enforcement agency and refer them to Agent Cain of the Secret Service at or Interpol if outside the USA.

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